The Case for Guarantees

Last week, I discussed the need to Mind the G.A.P. This week, let's look closer at the "G", or guarantee, part of the G.A.P.


We live in a world full of uncertainty. Most of us do not have pensions. We are told, repeatedly, that the Social Security Trust Fund will likely run out of money. We fear we may not get the benefits we are promised and, relatedly, for many of our clients, their Social Security benefits are taxed and thus the spendable money is smaller than we planned (and hoped for!). 


Additionally, bonds are at all time lows. The stock market is volatile, and other investments often seem complicated and not built for our particular needs. This is where your advisor makes a huge difference. Part translator, part investment expert and wholly a communicator, the wealth managers at AIFS investigate a wide range of investments and make their recommendations just for you. 


As a team, we discuss the tools available and the pros and cons. We ask difficult questions, question authority, and push ourselves to do better and more work than we would alone.


Bret Eberhardt, a wealth manager with A&I Financial Services LLC, puts it this way: Think of your retirement income as two buckets.  In one bucket, you have your "I need" money and in the other bucket, you have your "I want" money. For the "I need" money, we may discuss guarantees. In this bucket are the dollars that provide you food, shelter, clothing and the essentials of your life. This is the bucket where we do not want to have to worry about market down turns. In the "I want" bucket are the aspirations, the vacations, the legacy, the fun money.


Few of us can afford to put all of our money into a guarantee. We may also want to incorporate an investment that provides a guarantee as part of our overall investments. It's a way to provide both financial and emotional assurance. 


As you continue your financial journey, open up to your advisor so that he or she can provide the best recommendation for your particular situation. The most effective relationships start with clear communications, so start that dialogue sooner, rather than later.

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