Does the News Spell Trouble or Opportunity?

Like driving I-25 through Denver, the recent stock market has been a stressful, hold-on-to-your-seat experience, and largely going nowhere.

This may not change anytime soon. The stock market may continue its gyrations for the foreseeable future. I hope this is not worrisome. We must ride out this traffic jam of news, from trade wars to terrorists, largely irrelevant to our long-term, real-life financial plans.

Instead, I encourage you to read the link we posted recently, "The Acid Rain of Negative Media." Come to one of our upcoming events. Or, best yet, just call your wealth manager. We'll take a look at your unique situation and help take any action, if appropriate, that is right for you.

Otherwise, stock market news will likely be an unwelcome distraction from your otherwise wonderful summer plans.

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