Thinking about joining the "in crowd" of early Social Security claimers?

On, our own Cameron Morgan gives pre-retirees advice about how to take Social Security:

“From making sure your earnings record is accurate, to considering the impact of your claiming strategy on not only yourself but your spouse, you have choice and control over how you manage this lifetime income benefit. Get informed, and decide from facts rather than emotion, when filing for your benefit. Think hard before joining the ‘in crowd’ of early claimers with their small checks. For many people, waiting works wonders. You’ve done it before; be as thoughtful about maximizing your Social Security check as you were about maximizing your value in the workplace, in the first place.”

For more information about Social Security, and the countless financial planning points it brings up, click the following link or contact your advisor:

Article: How a college degree is like a Social Security check

We make a big impact in lives by talking with our clients about all the issues around the money, and not just the money we manage. We are a team.

If you want more information on our economic and investment outlook, contact your advisor. Ask your friend to talk to one of our advisors. I think you’ll find your friends, also, may benefit by talking with someone who knows them just a little better, cares a little more, and sits on the same side of the table.

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