Two Doors of Retirement

Nick Murray told us a story when we were in New York recently. It is a parable for an audience of grown-ups, like you and me. Allow me to share it with you this week.

On the day that you cross the threshold into retirement, Mr. and Mrs. Married, you going to find yourself facing two doors. To get through the rest of your life, you have to choose one.

Door #1: the money outlives the people. All happiness lies behind this door. Everything you want is through that door. The two most important things are dignity and independence. They are not material things. They lie behind that door. They get more important as you get older. And your ability to sustain these two things are dependent upon the money outliving the people.

Door#2: through this door, the people outlive the money. Everything you don't want to happen lies here.

If there is one thing in the world that most reliably vectors you through door #1 than door #2, it is a written, date-specific, dollar-specific retirement accumulation plan.

That's what we offer: the confidence that the money will outlive the people. Who do you know who would benefit from the same?

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