What Peyton Could Learn About Retirement

Do you know anything about retirement? Think you could share it with Peyton?

Many of you know a lot more about retirement than Peyton Manning, newly retired NFL quarterback. Speculation abounds about what he'll do next.

Maybe, like many of you, he'll completely change course and surprise everyone. Perhaps he wants to climb Mt. Everest or run a marathon. Or maybe that's just me...

I want to climb Mt. Everest. There is no way I'm going to climb it alone. I am capable in theory, but in practice, am I really going to make the right decisions? Am I going to stick with the plan in a whiteout near bottomless couloirs?

I want to run a marathon. There's no way I'm going to train for it without a coach, or I won't make it. When I'm sore, am I going to get up and run if there's no one to encourage and guide me? Not likely.

I need a coach. Just like Peyton needed Coach Kubiak to win his last Super Bowl trophy, I will need a coach to accomplish something amazing I've never done before.

Peyton needs a coach for his retirement. And thus, we come back to the beginning: what can you teach Peyton Manning about retirement? Get a good coach.

I know I've got a much better chance if I have someone who has done this a hundred or more times before, with people just like me. I know I want someone who is 100% committed to helping me make it all the way. You, Peyton, and I have plenty of life left to live. Let's offload the unrewarding work and focus on accomplishing something great!

P.S. In case you haven't paid attention, this year's headline-making stock market turmoil did not spell the end of the world. Somehow, the markets have recently been rallying. I think we all, collectively, have a lot of life ahead of us.

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