Win Big by Playing Blind

Sometimes the most intuitive information is the least beneficial to our investments. The key question of the following interview is: why doesn't our stock picker know the names of the stocks he owns?


If you're not interested,  let me paraphrase. The most important way that effective money managers deliver on their investment goals is to stick to their knitting. In the Pure Valuation portfolio, which may be a part of your overall asset allocation, the names of the stocks are not relevant to the investment manager's decisions. 

That said, you'll recognize some of the names of the larger companies in the portfolio and your wealth manager can give you a more in-depth understanding of the story behind the investment. 


For investment strategies other than Pure Valuation, the particular company is critical to the investment manager's success. For example, some investment managers pick their company based off of Competitive Position. Using this approach, they believe they are getting the best company of the bunch vs. their competition. 


For more on this strategy, click here.


Sometimes, looking from the outside, you may think that all investment managers are doing the same thing. This is not true--at all! As you can see from the two examples here, some managers don't even remember the names of the companies they purchase, but they can explain in great detail to you why they were purchased. Other managers will tell you great stories, and have so much information about the companies they've bought they have a competitive advantage over others.

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