Your Investment Managers Disagree, but Only Somewhat

Here's a little insight: owning more than one investment is not diversification if it all moves the same way at the same time.

What we have right now is a series of investments moving in slightly different directions, mostly upward, and that's both a likely and a good result of our processes here at A&I Financial Services. Our researchers have different views on the market. That's also a good thing!

From a trend-following standpoint, we believe the trend us still up. I've got nothing else to say about that.

From Athena Invest, the stock market is "normal," with various types of investment strategies surprisingly outperforming--surprises are normal over the short term. Athena believes, over the long-term, the most consistent, highest conviction investment managers will likely perform better than "global mush."

From Litman Gregory, a wide range of asset classes had positive returns for the quarter. International stocks led the way, despite currency movements eating into U.S. dollar-based investors' returns. Bond prices rose as Treasury yields declined over the quarter. Our tactical positions in floating-rate loans and flexible bond funds collectively outpaced core bonds over the quarter.

Click here for a more detailed first quarter summary of your investments from our research team at Litman Gregory.

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