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Tax Law & Economic Outlook

On January 16th, Francois Giguere, CFP and I had the pleasure of presenting to a packed house. Francois taught us the news about last year's tax reform and how it affects you, our clients. I presented thoughts from several investment research firms who we trust of view about the economy. Here is a 42 minute video, which I hope you share with anyone who might be interested!

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From Ages 14 to 84, It’s War We Worry About

Everyone, it seems, carries worries about war this week. I heard from a fourteen-year-old who asked, “Will I be called to go to war in four years?” In another conversation, my eighty-more-year-old friend said, “My Korean War Veteran friends and I are wondering if we can still fit into our uniforms.

As I write this, the tensions between Iran and the USA are lessoning, they say. Calmer, more quiet voices are audible in the din. In times like these, what matters most is what you can control, like your own financial plan. From this solid foundation, we can discuss what the worldly events will, or more likely will not, do to your financial future.

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Go Tax Free

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