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2018 is in the Rear-View Mirror

Let me begin 2019 expressing my gratitude to you for your confidence and trust in us. Your financial strength is our raison d’etre. I’d also like to thank everyone on our kind and industrious team because they make our days amazing—day after day. I want to thank our extended team of professionals, including brilliant and humble folks at Athena Invest and Litman Gregory. I owe thanks to our experts in accounting, law, insurance and other professions. And finally, I’d like to thank our friend and guide Nick Murray, who helped me find many of the following words, so that I might share with you our combined, hard-won, long-term, real-world perspective on the year that just passed.

In just a few minutes, when you are done, I hope you feel more calm, you feel safe, and that you give yourself permission to tune out the news.

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A Happy Ending to 2018

Control what you can control… and the markets are not one of the things anyone can control. Recent news portends an onslaught of more negative news in 2019. A recent New York Times article posted a scary headline: “Nowhere to Hide.”

Buried in that same article is the key paragraph that summarizes the author's belief that reality is good, even if the short-term markets look bad:

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