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A Remarkable Week

Last week was remarkable, and so will be this year. First, a nice brief story about the passing of a President:

Angela Merkel recalled that “Bush had treated her ‘like a somebody when I was not.’ Meeting with the obscure junior minister in the Oval Office in 1991, the president treated the young woman with great personal and professional respect. And so there she was this week, because history is human and how you treat people matters.” Read the full article.

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Tax Harvesting 2018

Who says this is a “supposedly good year for the markets?”

Some of your investments may have lost money this year. Many of your investments may have gains. If you have the type of account for which you have to pay taxes on some, or all, of your gains every year, then we may have the opportunity to “harvest” the investments with losses for tax purposes. Talk to your personal wealth manager about how you may benefit from this service!

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