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23.5 Percent

This week, the first full week of August, parents are preparing for the school year. Grandparents, I hope, are enjoying the summer flowers. And the equity market continues its trend of gradually increasing while the news of the day does its best to scare us away.

I have little to add to the following two points. I fear that if I say too much I will diminish their importance. First, I offer a fact to consider while investing in the stock market.Second, I offer a thought to ponder.

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Stalking the Wild Neutrino

Humility, that low, sweet root, from which all heavenly virtues shoot. -Thomas Moore

I hope you are enjoying your summer and not watching the news. Seriously, turn it off. Last week, we spoke about tariffs and trade wars. This week, one of the most interesting (and not the least important) news items stems from physics. And I’ll get back to investments with talk about inflation and interest rates. But the theme remains the same: humility is good.

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Go Tax Free

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