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Humility with Tariffs and Trade Wars

It’s impossible, actually, to talk about almost any topic today and not get political. So, I chose two brief videos from two media sources, one more Democrat-leaning and one more Republican-leaning. I thought they both were interesting—but dramatic—so don’t read or listen unless you are relaxed!

Instead of clicking either of these links, consider thinking about the tariffs in a different light. Consider, in fact, what you would do if you knew for certain what would happen. You could think about re-investing your portfolio. You could—but you won’t because that is what our investment managers do—but it’s worth a minute to give it consideration because the lesson is important.

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Reboot Your Personal Finances with These Easy Steps

As summer kicks into full swing and you prepare to take vacations to the beach or mountains, it’s easy for personal finances to fall under the radar.With half the year complete, now is the perfect time to check in on how you measure up against the financial goals you set for yourself in the beginning of the year.

Below are quick and simple ways to jumpstart a mid-year reboot and keep you on top of your finances:

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Go Tax Free

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