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Saving for Retirement VS. Funding Your Child's Education: What Comes First?

Saving for retirement or your child’s education is an ongoing debate many parents face throughout their lives, but it’s important to strike a balance between your own financial independence and funding your child’s near or long-term future.

As children get older, the case for putting their education needs first is compelling—especially considering lifetime earnings potential with a bachelor’s degree—but you still need to take care of yourself. Finding the right balance requires thorough planning and making some tough choices. Here are some tips to make the process a little easier:

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A Haunting We Will Go - Halloween Markets


By some measures, equity markets set records for volatility in October. You may have heard in the background at a restaurant, or your club, or on a public speaker somewhere, the markets were crazy. They went up and down, on back to back days, and apparently within the day as well. But you're not listening, right?

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