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Why we love the Health Savings Account (HSA)

We love Health Savings Accounts, (HSAs) and we think you should too. Like Francois Giguere, CFP®, says: “There are three big reasons I love HSA plans:

  1. They grow tax-free.
  2. You can keep them over for the rest of your life.
  3. You can invest the money.”

Let’s look at each of these points more closely. First, an HSA is one of the few ways that you can deposit pre-tax monies; you can invest, grow and pull out HSA money without being taxed. The contributions are not huge, but they might add up over time! In 2019, the contribution limits are:

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How to Diversify Your Tax Policy

Diversifying your tax policy may be more timely than ever before, now that we have so many changes happening in Washington DC. So says Dave Stevens, CFP, CPA, PFS, with A&I Financial Services LLC. In last week’s tax chat event, Dave discussed many ways to save a few dollars in taxes. We entered a respectful and friendly debate about whether a person should go Tax Free, or just diversify their tax policy.

There are three basic ways our investments are taxed: taxed-as-earned, tax-deferred, and tax-free. The taxed-as-earned CDs, brokerage accounts, and other investments are (hopefully) held for a long time and taxed at the (almost always lower) long-term capital gains tax rates.

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Go Tax Free

A&I Financial Services - Karl Frank Book - Go Tax Free






An assortment of tools and strategies that give readers of all backgrounds a clear, specific action plan for obtaining the maximum allowable control over when and how they pay taxes.
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