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Brutal May and RMDs at age 72?

I thought I’d quote at length a particularly smart economist, working for a major mutual fund company, who recently wrote passionately about the market behavior of May, 2019. Her conclusion summarizes our opinion nicely, I think:
“Markets continue to be nervous and are suggesting a high level of fear…Having said that, investors with diversified portfolios and longer-term time horizons should not be panicked by the current situation."

“At this juncture, I still believe a recession is unlikely, given the ability of the Federal Reserve to respond to the current situation – as well as China’s commitment to continue to stimulate its economy fiscally and monetarily. I expect stocks will be volatile but will still outperform in this low-rate, benign inflation environment. In this environment, sell-offs can represent attractive buying opportunities for disciplined investors." - Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist at Invesco. (1)

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What's Special About 5/29?

This Memorial Day week, we’re going to have a little fun. Why this date? It’s 5/29, or five twenty-nine … so let’s learn about Section 529 College Savings Plans! We encourage you to re-consider what you may or may not know about these investment accounts. So, here we go – your fact-filled list of 29 surprising reasons to use a 529 college savings plan: 

  • Paying for college is “More important than extra-long twin sheets, shower caddies, and quarters for the laundry machines!” says AIFS advisor Cameron Morgan.


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