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Who is Full Time?

We live in interesting times. The percentage of people that hold one full-time job is decreasing. In fact, Kelly Temps is now the nation's largest employer behind Walmart. (10)

Many professionals are carrying multiple electronic devices, iphones and tablets, and carrying multiple jobs with multiple responsibilities. We have so many things to do that we might not have time for work. I know some of you have already left the workforce and are among our favorite clients. You often tell me you have no idea how you found time for work!

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Survivor Essentials

The dead are rising. Well, not literally, unless you're playing one of the video games that we try to keep our kids away from, Plants vs. Zombies, oh my!

Did you know that after a person dies, we survivors need to take action to protect their credit? Do you know what to do?

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Go Tax Free

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