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Fast Reaction, Slow Decision

The part of our brain that deals with delayed gratification is shrinkingone magazine built a business around our collective desire to slow down 

In today's fast-paced world, in fact, Fourth Quarter 2013 Commentary

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Valentine's Day Card from the IRS

You will soon receive your tax statements, if you have not already, from 2013. Almost every employed person will pay more in their payroll taxes for 2013 than they did in the prior years because of the expiration of a 2% per year benefit. Additionally, tax rates went up for many folks on long-term capital gains, on Medicare, among other tax increases.


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Go Tax Free

A&I Financial Services - Karl Frank Book - Go Tax Free






An assortment of tools and strategies that give readers of all backgrounds a clear, specific action plan for obtaining the maximum allowable control over when and how they pay taxes.
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