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Happy 4th of July!
As I am writing this, the stock markets are celebrating in advance of America's birthday. That's not uncommon. As you know from recent events, short-term market movements are largely emotional. Ignoring that volatility is good for your health. Last I checked, the markets have almost made up for the decline we discussed in last week's Periscope.
Great news! We are excited to announce that we've upgraded our web site, and the improvements are fantastic. We've also switched web site hosts to improve the loading speed.  Be sure to visit
The book, GO TAX FREE, is receiving great reviews and garnering a fair amount of attention. Look for mentions in the Denver Business Journal as well as Investors Business Daily. An upcoming internet radio interview on Life Lessons radio and Financial Spectrum radio are attracting attention. To order your copy of the book, talk to your advisor or visit for either a Kindle version or hardback.  
As an extra bonus, you can read the best story I've told on Jon Hokama's blog.
Have a Happy and Safe Birthday, America!

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Tapering the Federal Reserve

Greetings! ,

The news from the markets last week was dramatic, considering there is very little news. Eventually, the massive bond buying of the Federal Reserve will end. First, the Federal Reserve meeting had very little to say, except that things look like they are improving. Then, Mr. Bernanke had an open interview in which he said that the Federal Reserve will be tapering the buying of bonds.

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Go Tax Free

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