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Healthy Money Habits

A recent book, Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, does a wonderful job of telling long and interesting stories about the real-life benefits of changing what we do, when we’re doing things we’re not thinking about. Mr. Duhigg quotes at length research projects both famous and benign, recent and historical, and does a fair amount of investigating on his own. In short, get the Audible book and enjoy it in the car—we did!

Of particular importance to us, healthy financial habits can yield decades of benefits for you and generations of advantages for your loved ones. Consider these habits:

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Three Times the Retirement Assets

Planning, the simple act of planning, not even following a plan, creates money. In fact, even if you create a plan and don’t follow it, you still end up with more money. So say the researchers. (1,2,3)

On the other hand, when I say the word “money,” your brain shuts down and your emotions shoot through the roof! That’s not news to psychologists, divorce attorneys or financial planners. (4)

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Go Tax Free

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