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Life Is Unfayeh: Today's Equity Markets

“Life is unfayeh” JFK

Last week I spoke about our beliefs in the face of a dramatically changing world. This week, allow me to reflect on last year and what we see in the future.

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With All These Changes, We Remain Consistent

We live in changing times. Recently, our custodian of choice, ETRADE, announced they would be acquired by Morgan Stanley at the end of this year, 2020. Please rest assured that we have no dog in the fight. That is to say, our only obligation is to you, our clients. If the fees go up, or if the service declines, or if we feel conflicts of interest, or for any other reasons, please know that we have many options. We do, and will continue to, put your interests (our clients interests) ahead of our own. In fact, we just negotiated lower fees for all of our clients with ETrade. For details, contact your wealth manager.

Importantly, I’m optimistic about the merger. The combined assets of these huge companies surpass $3 trillion. This may present to you new benefits that otherwise we would not have had. I expect this situation to be invisible to you. I expect you will continue to be happy that you chose a small firm like ours instead of a massive conglomerate. We know you. We will remain consistent through these changing times.

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