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A Lawn Mowing Millionaire

“I don’t really want to lose anything. That is a lot of money for me!” Henry Frank, 14, on thinking about investing his life savings from lawn mowing.

My family and I were eating dinner, still basking in the glow of the Colorado Buffaloes glorious victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers, unwittingly optimistic about our poor Denver Broncos hopes against their rivals, the Raiders, which were dashed on Monday night. Henry asked what we did for a living, in greater detail and with more interest than he has ever shown before, and I told him a story, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

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Who Would Buy a Bond That Is Guaranteed to Lose Money?

Who on earth is making an investment that guarantees a loss?

Apparently a lot of people—or a few folks with a lot of money—because interest rates around the world are declining and in many countries, negative. Most of these bonds are short-term government bonds from Switzerland, Japan and Germany. However, the fear is growing:

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