Estate Planning

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Get the peace of mind that if something were to happen to you, your family will have all the documents in place that will reduce their suffering and increase the celebration of your life.

Easy Legacy Plans

Some people need an easy legacy plan. If you have a less complicated financial situation, if you have a healthy spouse/child as beneficiary, and if you’ve covered all the “what ifs” we discuss below (plus others), then simple might be best for you.  We’ll help you evaluate the internet “robo estate plans.”  We’ll introduce you to an innovative hybrid solution that combines the convenience of the internet and a consultation with a real-life, experienced estate attorney.

Custom Estate Plans

Some people choose a custom estate plan, for countless reasons. You might have desire to protect your assets from a state or Federal death tax.  You might have assets in multiple states, with different probate laws. You might have beneficiaries you wish to protect, or who need protection from themselves. You might want more control over the disposition of your personal effects. There are countless reasons why trusts, and other legal documents, help families reduce stress and celebrate life.

Planning to Live with Dignity and Independence

Finally, most people we work with make the choice to get more control over their health and financial decisions rather than leave the decisions to a stranger (like the government). Estate planning makes a wonderful impact on our families when we reach a point when we are still alive but are incapable of making decisions for ourselves.

  • Privacy laws, like HIPAA, among others, can cause hurt feelings (or worse) if proper planning documents are not in place.
  • Documents like a living will, medical durable power of attorney, financial durable power of attorney, five wishes, among others, are important.

Your financial planner at AIFS helps you make sense of all of this. Your financial planner helps you simplify communications with an attorney so that you have the exact right plans you need. Your financial planner helps you to understand these documents and helps you communicate your plans with your loved ones.

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