Investment Philosophy


What makes our investment philosophy different?

A&I Investment Philosophy

The right way to invest is to diversify by strategy, remain consistent, and maintain high conviction. We provide our clients access to:

  • 100+ years of combined experience
  • Stock research lead by a PhD and former Dean of Finance, with a US Patented process
  • Fixed income, asset allocation and economic research lead by a team of CFAs

To learn more, contact us and/or ask for our "Investment Philosophy" white paper.

Manager and Investment Selection

AIFS portfolios are both academically proven and time-tested. Using a patented approach to equity management, called Strategic Active Equity, we utilize a team of equity analysts lead by Dr. Tom Howard. Rigorous research from leading academic institutions like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and the University of Denver, among others, to give our clients direct access to high-quality, actively-managed stock portfolios. 

Building a superior portfolio isn't easy. We have as a resource an experienced team of Chartered Financial Analysts who perform hands-on research and on-site visits to identify investment managers.

Alternative investments, in diverse categories such as commodities, precious metals, and currencies, have the potential to add diversity and non-correlation for many AIFS clients.

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To learn more, contact us and/or ask for our "Investment Philosophy" white paper.

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Investment strategies have inherent risk factors and there is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Non-traditional investments or alternative investments involve specific risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments. Investors should consider the special risks including illiquidity, speculative strategies such as leverage and commodity price volatility, increased expenses and tax considerations before investing.

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