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Learn how our expert team provides business owners retirement planning and financial advice.

Business owners, we speak your language! Our wealth managers have decades of experience, a large support team, and a small number of clients. Plus, we are entrepreneurs, and our families run a number of businesses, including a family-owned restaurant for more than two centuries. No kidding. We've cleaned up tragedies and helped our clients achieve financial freedom.

  • Exit Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Choice and Control
  • Personal Wealth Management

Successful Business Exit Planning

Our business owner exit planning process starts with our free online survey and complimentary 30 minute interview.

Then, your wealth manager delivers a report highlighting 7 Key Concerns for a successful business transition. Whether your retirement means a sale to an insider, sale to a family member, sale to a stranger, or other plan, our planning map helps you prioritize your time and avoid some major landmines.

From here, depending on your unique situation, A&I Financial Services LLC creates a custom exit plan and then helps you implement it. We partner with some of the best experts in the country, including accountants, attorneys, brokers, lenders, (among others). The result is a confident business owner who can set sail on her next journey.

Retirement Plans

Risks increase every year for business owners. Business owners require an experienced retirement planner with a team of experts. The complexities quickly spiral out of control if not under the watchful eye of a prudent expert. Our wealth management process helps you stay in control of the costs, reduce the complexities, and make the time to do meaningful work with the people you choose.

Tax Choice and Control

How can a business owner reduce taxes? You have more choice and control over how you are taxed than they many people realize. Business owners can choose from an array of plans qualified with the IRS for tax deductions, like a 401k or SEP IRA, among others. You can choose non-qualified plans that may benefit the highly-compensated members of your company more than the rank and file. You could even choose to go tax free.

Conversely, business owner tax scams and scammers are omnipresent. We’ve seen the gamut of tax saving schemes since 1986, and we’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ll help you implement an elegant plan, no more complex than necessary, and appropriate for your unique goals, values and relationships

Personal Wealth Management

Business owners live one law suit, one unhappy client, or one vengeful employee complaint away from pain and trouble. Our exclusive process and team of experts simplify, organize and prioritize the opportunities and threats our clients face. Then, our ongoing care keeps our client ahead of changing laws and regulations. 

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