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Small business owners, we speak your language! The owners of AIFS come from a long line of entrepreneurs, including a restaurant that has been in the family for more than two centuries.

We've cleaned up tragedies and helped our clients achieve smooth business transitions. Our services include:

  • Exit Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Choice and Control
  • Personal Wealth Management

Exit Planning

Many tools are available to help individuals get into business, but few help them get out. A&I Financial Services LLC helps business owners create and implement exit plans. We partner with some of the best experts in Denver to put the plans on autopilot and help the business owner set sail on their next journey.

Retirement Plans

Fiduciary risks increase every year for business owners. AIFS provides complimentary 401k plan analysis and recommendations. We focus on superior customer service, investment recommendations, and other tax-deferred plans.

Tax Choice and Control

Business owners have more choice and control over how they are taxed than almost anyone else. Read more about our unique approach here.

Personal Wealth Management

Business owners live one law suit, one unhappy client, or one vengeful employee complaint away from pain and trouble. Our exclusive process and team of experts simplify, organize and prioritize the opportunities and threats our clients face. Then, our ongoing care keeps our client ahead of changing laws and regulations. Read more about our unique process here.

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