What We Do

Our clients benefit from an academically proven wealth management process built around our client's unique values, goals and relationships

A Discovery Process

First, we listen. Our 5-step process starts with a discovery meeting, not more than 80 minutes in length. We learn about your goals, values, relationships and your most important financial wants and needs. We devote time to understanding who you are and what is important to you and your family. Our clients often tell us we lead the best conversation about money they have had.

Custom Financial Plan

We make sure we understand your goals, putting you in the driver’s seat.  For our second meeting, and still free of charge, we create an initial financial plan and offer recommendations based on your unique situation and values. We use financial tools to focus on what means the most for you. This might include, for example, investment management, life insurance, long-term care plans, estate plans, retirement plans or charitable gifting. We deliver value first, and ask for compensation later, because this is in alignment with our Values and Principles.

Wealth Management Process Wheel

Regular Progress Meetings and Advanced Plans

If both the client and the financial advisor decide that it’s a good fit, and we can make a significant impact in your life, then we effect the paperwork to begin a financial planning relationship.

Engaging experts across several disciplines, we help you make decisions and create a plan that is fully aligned with your family, financial, wealth transfer, and charitable goals. We work closely with our expert team, including a CPA, estate attorney, insurance experts (and other professionals) to brainstorm a client case. Then, your financial advisor will prioritize the ideas and deliver recommendations for the 1 to 3 most impactful actions for you to take right now. We call this an Advanced Financial Plan.

This plan addresses your wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable giving desires. As part of our regular progress meetings, we change priorities based on changes in your life. We’ll implement various recommendations. We’ll report progress to you – putting you in the driver’s seat.