Charitable Planning

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large.
Charitable Planning

Learning about our own higher purpose is a life-long pursuit.

Charitable Planning Benefits

Donating money feels good and aligns your income and assets with a cause you feel passionate about. It creates legacy benefits by removing the asset from your taxable estate. Donations can eliminate taxes on a highly appreciated asset, like a business or a farm. Plus, you get recognition for making a large gift while you are alive, for instance, by endowing a chair at your alma mater.

Americans are Generous!

Statistics show that Americans give more to religious organizations than any other charity. But, the range of recipients is vast.
Aligning our money with our values is liberating.

  • 30.9% Religious
  • 26.4% Education and human services
  • 16.5% Health and society benefit
  • 11.1% Gifts to foundation
  • 15.1% Other

Other charitable recipients include the arts, environmental causes, international affairs and individuals.

Sources: Urban Institute accessed on June 4th, 2020.

Forms of Charitable Planning

Charitable planning can take many forms. Some plans are simple, some complex. Some plans are expensive and others are nearly free (other than the gift itself). And some charitable plans take on some risk while others are completely safe.

Outright gifts to family
Outright gifts to charity
Donor advised fund
Gifts of stock options to family
Gifts in trust to family
Charitable trusts
Gifts of stock options to charity
Gifts in family limited partnerships
Private foundations

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Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
Bill and Linda

Bill and Linda worked at large corporations for many years. They believe in saving and not spending more than they earn. Now they have quit the corporate life and would like to save some of their assets from the taxes, passing on their wealth to their children, grandchildren, and church. We:

Completed a discovery meeting, learning more about their values, goals and relationships
Facilitated conversations about what money means to each of them
Enlisted the help of an attorney
Created a charitable remainder trust as well as a wealth replacement trust
Funded the trusts
Ongoing investment management and financial planning advice

Bill and Linda enjoyed the tax-deductible charitable donation, avoiding taxes on the gains of their investments. They are generating income for both of their lives. They are proud of the gifts they have made to their heirs and their church.

Roger lived alone, except for his cats. He amassed a tremendous network of friends and he was always the life of the party. His alma mater was a local university, to whom he would bequeath the financial assets he accumulated over his life. We:

Helped Roger with the planning
Managed the assets prudently
Made sure the annual donations were in alignment with his goals
Coordinated communications between the attorneys, the bankers and the university foundation
Spent many hours together at football games, lunches and more

“Learning about our own higher purpose is a life-long pursuit,” said Roger.  Our community is better off because of his philanthropy.

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