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Retirement Advisor For Step By Step Retirement Planning

We all want to retire with independence, dignity, and to have a little fun.
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Let us help you plan for your second act. We believe the best is yet to come.

Pillars of a Happy Retirement

Happiness in retirement

Three Pillars

Our company’s experience over decades of helping our clients achieve their financial goals points to three pillars of a happy retirement. These pillars are money, health and relationships. Dr. Michael Finke is an academic whose research backs up our experience. 

Our approach to retirement income planning is to make sure your investments serve your financial plan. In turn, the financial plan is built around your goals, relationships and values.

We all want to know

How much money do I need?

The decision of when and how to retire is one of the most important financial and emotional set of decisions you will make in your life. Retirement is more than a math question.

We work with you to envision what you will retire into, what your days may look like, and how your spending will likely change during your retirement years. Whether you are in the planning stage, making the transition now, or already there, we have helped many clients in Colorado with our retirement planning services.

Speak to a highly experienced retirement planning advisor today!

Learn about Our Process, Our Promise

Retirees are Worried About

Economic Recession
Market Volatility
  • 60% retirees are worried about inflation in retirement
  • 46% retirees worry about recession
  • 36% of retirees are worried about market volatility
  • 23% of retirees are worried about taxes

Source: Nationwide survey June, 2023.

Retire Safely with a Withdrawal Policy

A withdrawal policy allows you to turn your retirement savings into a regular income.

We follow a time-tested and academically-proven process to provide a retiree a steady income. The Withdrawal Policy provides our clients several benefits:

  • Confidence with a steady retirement income
  • Looking forward to regular pay raises with increases in inflation
  • Larger potential pay increases after good investment years
  • Control over your income if things change
  • Learn more about the withdrawal policy

Retirement Income Experts

Our team of Retirement investment advisors & retirement wealth advisors has decades of experience helping people successfully navigate retirement.

Our process, Our promise

We are fiduciaries. In other words, we pledge to put your interests first. We promise that no one has a greater interest in your family’s success than our team. Learn more!

Long term care planning

Client Experience

Our wealth management approach may be different from experiences you have had with other advisors. We devote time to a discovery process that helps us understand your values, goals, and relationships. Learn More!

Our Values

We rely on our 12 core values to set priorities, resolve ethical dilemmas, act in our clients’ good faith, and provide a consistently exceptional experience for everyone we meet. Learn more!

Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
George and Sherry

George and Sherry never had to ask, “what’s next?” They had always planned everything. But life threw a wrench into their plans when George was let go during the recent economic downturn. George was ready to retire, at least emotionally. The kids were raised, the bills had always been paid, but they just were not certain that retirement was a prudent decision. We:

Completed a discovery meeting
Created a realistic financial plan, including stress testing a variety of situations, just to be sure
Consolidated the investment accounts
Created a retirement income plan, including emergency fund “buckets”
Perform ongoing investment and financial planning

George and Sherry view retirement as a wonderful party. “Sometimes, God laughs at our best laid plans. But I think we have the last laugh. We’ve never had so much fun together!” said George. With the help of their guide at A&I, George and Sherry are secure, relaxed and enjoying their newfound freedom.

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas

Investment Advice

Patented investment process, including ESG investing: environmental, social and governance considerations.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Align your money with your values, goals and relationships and bring peace of mind.

Concentrated Equity Owner Guy Espresso

Concentrated Wealth

Expertise for concentrated equity positions, reducing taxes and other costs.

Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large.

Life planning

College and education planning, long-term care planning, buying real estate, and help with the emotional dimensions of money.

Tax and Estate Planning Advice

Estate and Tax Planning

We deliver advanced financial planning with our independent expert team.

Couple by the dock on a lake

Long Term Care Planning

Actively deciding on a plan for your own care is ultimately a gift you give to the loved ones who outlive you.

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer

Be sure your financial assets, values, stories and more transfer to the people and causes you care about. Minimize taxes and other costs.

Business Succession Planning

Grow & protect your business & transfer it the way you want & for the price you want.

Let us help you plan for your second act.

We believe the best is yet to come. Speak with a Retirement Financial Advisor Near You Today.

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