Elder Planning

A&I Financial Services

“I want to make an investment in real estate, but I don’t know how it would affect my financial plans.” So begins many conversations at A&I Wealth Management. We help you align your investments with your values, goals and relationships. Real estate is often a big part of that decision. And, as we age, our...
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Three pillars of a happy retirement are money, health, and relationships. As we age, health becomes more and more important. If you, or a loved one, is looking for home healthcare, you may want to start your search here: the Medicare website. Home healthcare agencies are registered with Medicare, so they can receive Medicare payments....
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Aging plan, end of life plan and estate plan
We discuss the three plans everyone needs as we age. 1, a plan for our health, wellness and care. 2, a plan for our end-of-life. 3. An estate plan. Learn ways to improve care, expand your options and empower everyone to achieve “aging on your own terms.”
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