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Personal security is a big deal for all of us, especially in a time of Covid-19. The crooks are out in cyberspace looking for ways to pickpocket our life savings, without us ever leaving our homes. I’ll give a little advice about emails, phone calls, computers and other internet devices that can help protect us....
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2020 04 07 howlongcovid19 002
We are all learning to adapt to our new lifestyle now that all of the A&I Financial team members are working at home. This week, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about equities, discuss one Covid-19 forecast and conclude with what I think all of us can do about it—which is talk with our...
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2020 04 01 Periscope Image 1
Who cares about last Friday’s CARES Act? We have a lot to cover in this Periscope with the changes from Friday’s huge legislation. These include: and nbsp; No RMDs from retirement accounts in 2020 A new $300 charitable deduction Unlimited charitable deduction possibilities Covid-19 victims may make distributions and loans from retirement accounts Potentially big...
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Bull   and  Bear Boxing Gloves
“Bear with me if I call again in a couple of days because you are the only one keeping me in the market.” So said a wonderful client to me, recently. Thank you for your trust and confidence! And keep calling—ad infinitum—because you’re not the only one feeling this way! Equity markets are exceptionally emotional...
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