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salary increase
Read this post for 8 good ideas and 3 bad ideas for what to do with a bonus, or other influx of money. Recently, I published an article for the CFP Board of Standards. I thought I would add some color to the article for our clients. The question was, what should you do with...
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retired couple hiking assets and income financial planning
Karl Frank recently published an article in Retirement Investor about an unpleasant surtax for some retirees. Read this post to learn more about the Medicare surtax that might surprise you. Read Karl’s Article HERE One of the least pleasant surprises in retirement is to find out that you suddenly have to pay more for Medicare...
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inflation in the market
Read this post for insights into inflation, or the loss of purchasing power, which has become a big deal in 2022. Click HERE to watch a 5 minute excerpt on inflation and interest rates from our recent 2022 market and economic outlook. When I gave the presentation to our clients in January, I could have...
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