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March 2021 Women's Financial Resiliency

Stacey Frank and Marla Mason CFP®  discuss how COVID-19 changed things for women and their finances. They share good news about women and money. In particular, women save more and tend to do better with their investments than men! On the other hand, women face unique challenges, like longer life expectancies and lower average income compared to men. Learn how to manage your money like a boss! With a little humor and a lot of great analogies, Marla and Stacey make it real.  

February 2021 Uncharted Waters

Marla Mason CFP® and Francois Giguere CFP® discuss the dramatic beginning to the year 2021. These are truly unchartered waters. Or are they? Is this new water or are we just encountering unfamiliar waves and currents? Watch this video and learn…
• What’s new and maybe what’s not?
• What changes might be expected from the new administration?
• How might those changes affect us, our investments, and our economy?
• What have we learned from history?
• What indicators might help us understand where things might be going?
• What should we keep in mind for our investments as 2021 unfolds?

January 2021 Investment and Market Commentary

Karl Frank discusses the view from the investment policy committee, including four investment themes and three big investment opportunities. He discusses inflation, interest rates and the economy in the USA and the world. And, of course, the pandemic and current political environment as well.

COVID-19: How to Plan & Prepare Today

Cameron Morgan and Dave Stevens CFP®, CPA, give some practical financial planning advice in the Covid-19 pandemic.

End of Year 2020 Financial and Tax Planning

Chad Harmon and  Bret Eberhardt discuss financial planning and tax planning tips for the end of year 2020.

Presidential Election Myths and Truths

Karl Frank CFP®Bret Eberhardt, Stacey Frank and Chad Harmon lay out 10 myths and truths about Presidential elections and our investments.

How to Pay for College

Stephen Jobe from College Invest, Marla Mason CFP® and  Bret Eberhardt discuss how to pay for college.

How We Make Investment Decisions

Karl Frank, CFP®, Stacey Frank, Chad Harmon and  Bret Eberhardt discuss how our Investment Policy Committee makes decisions. This includes our investment beliefs, our research partners, their patented investment process and the right way to invest.

September 2020 Economic and Market Commentary

Karl Frank, CFP®, discusses the equity markets, the economy, four big themes and three big investment opportunities.

Concentrated Equity Strategies

Karl Frank, CFP®, discusses ways to reduce your risk and your tax burden if you have a large amount of money in a single stock, concentrated equity. Karl Frank from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Karl Frank, Transforming Conversations about Money

Karl Frank, CFP®, discusses how a conversation about investment management and financial advice can be transformational and fun.

Karl Frank – Transforming Conversations About Money from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Karl Frank, Wealth Management Process

Karl Frank, CFP®, discusses the four key areas of his unique wealth management process.

Karl Frank – Wealth Management Process from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Bret Eberhardt, an Introduction

Bret Eberhardt, Financial Advisor, discusses his approach and shares a story about an experience that changed his life.

Bret Eberhardt from A&I Financial Services.

Chad Harmon, an Introduction

Chad Harmon, Financial Advisor, discusses his unique approach to providing investment advice and retirement planning.

Chad Harmon from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Francois Giguere, an Introduction

Francois Giguere, CFP®, discusses how he helps his clients with more than just ira plans, investment management and financial services, but the importance of having a trusted advisor.

Francois Giguere from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Cameron Morgan, an Introduction

Cameron Morgan, Financial Advisor, discusses how the best financial advisors make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Cameron Morgan from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Karl Frank speaks about Go Tax Free tips at an international conference, MDRT 2013

Cameron Morgan: Success in Wealth

Cameron Morgan discusses wealth management, her financial strategy, and philosophy about protecting investments and building wealth.

Cameron Morgan, an Interview from A&I Financial Services LLC.

Questions to Ask a Financial Professional

Why You Need a Plan for Long-Term care

My Long-Term care Story, Stacey Frank